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Losing a Partner Can Cause Someone to Turn into an Alcoholic

If you have ever lost a loved one before, you may feel a sense of loss, anger and not wanting to go on.  Death is something that is hard to handle for most people.  You wake up with your loved one every day and now they are gone.  It was a sudden loss.  Your loved one may had died in a car accident, an illness or a heart attack.  The list of ailments could go on.

As each day passes, you are trying to find meaning in your life again.  What do you have to live for if you have lost the person that you spend your entire life with?  When this happens, you need to look inward and ask yourself why you are put on earth to begin with.  Understanding your own life purpose will give you a purpose to go on.  Do you have children that need you?  Do you have a job that is meaningful to you?  Can you go back to school and work on a college degree?  What is it that you need to do in order to make your loved one proud of you that passed away?

Unfortunately, many people decide to turn to alcohol in order to deal with their sorrow.  Many people spend years wondering why the person that they love is dead. They often feel like the person has left them without even saying goodbye. It is a heartbreaking situation for most people.

Grocery and liquor stores make it easy for someone to get a bottle of liquor, wine or beer. All you have to do is go into the store and buy it.  However, this is not the salutation for you.  In order to overcome the pain of losing someone, you have to talk about your feelings.  Sometimes a professional counselor that deals with grief is the best way.

Your first step is to understand that you cannot handle your grief on your own.  Alcoholism will only destroy your body and make you feel worse. It will not solve your grief. It will only cause you to feel more hopeless.

When you talk to someone about how you feel, you will get human compassion.  People lose people every single year. It is hurtful, heartbreaking and not what you or anyone else expected. Your loss is unique because it has affected you personally.  Nobody else can understand exactly how you feel, but they can come close because they have experienced this kind of situation in their own lives.

Over time, you will come to terms with your loss.  It often takes people years to come to an acceptance of a loved one’s death.  However, as each day passes, you will come to see that your grief becomes less and easier to cope with.  It is true that “time heals all wounds”.   It really does once you go through the experience of loss.



Getting Sober Takes Effort

Nobody Gets Sober Alone.  It Takes the Help of Loved Ones to Support You.


Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

“Only You Can Take the First Step to Sobriety”

Take One Step at a Time

Nobody Gets Sober Overnight.

Learning to Stay Sober as a Christian Believer after Rehab

You may or may not have been a Christian before your drug and alcohol addiction started.  At this stage of your life, sobriety is important.  Staying sober means being able to keep your job and keeping friends and family in your life.  If you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart, you know that God loves you.  God wants to see you sober because drugs and alcohol will only keep your mind body and spirit unhealthy. If you received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior in rehab, you owe it to yourself to keep on learning about your faith.  When you feel down, you have Jesus to turn to.  You are no longer walking through this life alone. If you have been a Christian for most of your life, your relationship with Jesus may have become cold.  It is now time to pick up your Bible and start reading it daily.  Begin learning about why God loves you.  Learn why Jesus died for you.  These steps are important to take because it will help to keep you sober. Once you understand that you are not alone in this life, you will begin to focus your attention on something other than yourself.  Christianity teaches love for your fellow brother or sister.  It teaches you how to live for God and not for drugs and alcohol. If you understand that you are obligated to God in life, you will begin to see that you can never go back to drugs and alcohol.   It will only destroy your life.  Having faith in Jesus means that you are not going to ever...

Should You Move in with the Guy that You Met at Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is often a 30 day long process.  You often talk to and meet up with people that are sharing a similar background to yours.  Many women in rehab often find love with someone that they met in a treatment center.  Is this a good idea? There are many ways to looking at finding love in rehab.  For starters, you are both coming out of drug addiction at the same time. This fact alone means that you and the person that you are finding interest in are not strong enough to becoming sober on your own.  You may find that your addictive behavior is similar.  You may find that he has many selfish ways that he still has to overcome.  Getting sober means getting in touch with your inner self. This can often take months and years.  If you plan on living with someone that you met in rehab, please look at all the facts first.  For starters, how long have you known him?  Is he someone that you recently met or is he someone that you are trying to get to know.  Many woman make the mistake of moving in with a man that they hardly know.  They feel attracted to him and his charming ways make her think that he is her soulmate. However, once they move in with the guy, he becomes an entirely different person.  You may find out that he likes to hang out with his guy friends in bars every night. Maybe he told you that he is looking for love and family. However, when you move in with him, he may...

The Violent Actions of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Parents, wives and husbands often fear their loved one when they get drunk or high.  They become an entirely different person and often start fights, abusive language and outrageous behavior.  It is scary to imagine your life being lived with such a person.  When a man or woman becomes addicted, they no longer act like themselves.  The sweet, loving person that you once cared for has now become a monster in your face.  There is nothing worse than feeling like there is no hope when your loved one is out of control. Addicts often know that they have a problem, but don’t want to get help for it.  Getting sober takes time, commitment and responsibility.  Most addicts want to live a carefree life of doing whatever they feel like.  They often see getting high as being the only form of happiness.  They will often steal from their family members and friends just to get the drug.  Addicts often lose a sense of themselves. An author by the name of Julie Myerson claimed that her son had become violent to her while he was addicted to drugs.  Her sweet, loving son named Jake turned into something that she did not expect.  He once hit her so hard that she ended up going to the hospital.  If that was not bad enough, she found out that he was teaching his younger brother how to use drugs.  In case you want to read her book, it is entitled, “The Lost Child.” A story like Julies is not uncommon now a days.  Many parents are at a loss of words when it comes...

How Can Pets Help You to Become Sober?

Dogs are loyal to humans and often help people to get through their drug and alcohol addiction.  Animals just want to give us love and companionship.  Anyone that gets near a dog says that they make you feel happy when you are sad.  They often just want to play games and have us feel a sense of love, peace and understanding. There are some pet friendly rehabilitation centers in the United States.  A clinical psychologist by the name of Aubrey Fine says that “animals are good for us”.  Animals make us feel needed and wanted because they give us love.  There is a bond that you will always form with an animal that is special to you and that pet. People that are getting help from pet approved facilities are: teenagers, young adults and those with low self-esteem.  Many treatment centers are beginning to see the benefits of having animals becoming a part of their therapy.  It in fact, makes a client feel understood, loved and wanted.  This is something that an addict often does not feel. Some dogs are being trained by prisoners in order to help them to learn to care for something. It helps them during the incarceration process.  Prisons like the Utah State Prison is a fine example of how this program helps prisoners and veterans alike.  The dogs are trained by the prisoners and then given to veterans that will be using them later on.  Both the dogs and the veterans are receiving love and support. Inmates often feel that they have a purpose when caring for the animals.  They also get licks, happy...

What Can You Expect From a Luxury Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center?

If you just clicked on an advertisement that said, “Luxury Treatment Center”, you probably are wondering what this means.  This article will explain to you what to expect from a luxury treatment facility.  A luxury treatment center often offers you: spa treatments, acupuncture, golf, swimming pools, massages, chiropractic care, luxury living accommodations for inpatient treatment, fitness instructors and trainers, chef catered meals, laundry services and so much more.  In my opinion, a luxury rehab is the place to be if you are trying to get sober.  Getting sober in comfort is the easiest way to get the help that you need 24/7. Some activities that go on at a luxury rehab are: fitness training, ropes courses, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and basketball, ping pong, stand up paddle boarding, massage, yoga and paddle boarding. When you type the keyword “luxury” into the Google search engine, you see the definition as being, “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.”  Many people that go to drug and alcohol treatment centers want to experience luxury for several different reasons. For starters, they may see treatment as a way of starting their life over.  It simply means that you are going to stop taking your drug of choice and putting it behind you.  If you earn a decent income or have private medical insurance such as: Cigna, Humana or Blue Cross/Blue Shield, you are most likely going to get into a luxury facility.  You have to look around to see how much money each facility is charging and then ask them if they can admit you into the facility. Many treatment centers call themselves...

Are you Drinking Alcohol Because You Feel Depressed?

Some people that drink alcohol are doing so because they are trying to self-medicate themselves.  Instead of being treated by a psychiatrist, they are choosing to drink alcohol or take illegal drugs.  Believe it or not, millions of people each year fear going to see a psychiatrist.  Psychiatrists prescribe medication for: anxiety, depression, ADD and ADHD, bipolar disorder and so much more. Depression effects millions of Americans every day.  Often, drinking alcohol seems like the best option for many people. It saves them a trip to the doctor’s office and the expense of one as well.  Many men and women think that it is embarrassing to see a psychiatrist that can help you to deal with your depression.  It is important to keep in mind that depression affects people in different ways. Alcohol is never the answer when it comes to overcoming your addiction. It is important that depression gets dealt with professionally. Depression is a condition that effects your mental well-being and your spiritual self as well.  People often wonder if they can ever beat the feeling of sadness in their life.  When a person turns to alcohol, it means that they are trying to forget their problems.  It is hard to beat depression on your own.  We often have thoughts inside of our mind that linger for years.  These thoughts often cause us pain and sorrow.  Some people think that reaching for a beer or favorite alcoholic beverage is the answer.  However, it is not the answer and often leads people to question their life. Alcohol is easy to purchase in the store. However, detox centers across...

Why is it Dangerous to Detox off Benzodiazepines without a Detox Center?

A lot of men and women get prescribed a Benzodiazepine at some point of their life.  Perhaps they are suffering from anxiety or just wanting to be calm.   Most people that have never taken a Benzodiazepine don’t understand how addictive these drugs are. If your doctor prescribed to you: Paxil, Ativan, Xanax, Valium or Klonopin, you are taking a Benzodiazepine. Some people don’t want to continue taking a Benzodiazepine for different reasons.  Getting off a Benzodiazepine is not easy.  If you have taken this drug longer than two weeks, you are probably going to feel some type of a withdrawal if you stop taking the drug.  Many people say that they experience: sleeplessness, panic attacks, shortness of breath, anxiety, skin crawling, fear, brain zaps and so much more.  The list of withdrawal symptoms is lengthy. The worse part about a “Benzo” withdrawal is that you can have a seizure.  A seizure can be fatal.  This is why detoxing with a professional is necessary when coming off of this drug. It can be a matter of life and death. A lot of people say that when they are coming off of a Benzo alone, they feel like nobody understands them.  Many professional therapists say that withdrawal can last years if not done correctly.  This is for many different reasons. Many detox centers today specialize in Benzo withdrawal symptoms.  Most people say that they would never take a Benzodiazepine again because the drug is so hard to come off of.  You need to be under the care of a licensed physician. Never just stop taking this medication cold turkey. A popular...

How to Avoid Binge Drinking on Your College Campus

You just arrived at college and you have little to no friends yet.  You want to mingle in with the other students and have been invited to a weekend party.  This party will include cool music, beer, chatting and hookups.  You don’t drink, but feel stupid going to the party and saying, “I don’t drink.”  What can you do to not look like a dweeb? For starters, be honest with yourself.  Does drinking really make you cool?  In actuality, it doesn’t.  If you have the ability to party and have fun with no drinking involved, it makes you a stronger person. It makes you someone that knows yourself and what you need.  People that drink at parties often do so because they need to relieve stress or just have fun. If you can go to a party not having to drink, pat yourself on the back.  You are not a “party pooper”.  Instead, you are someone that knows how to have fun without all the drama and expense of drinking. Think about how much money you can save by not having to buy or chip in for beer at a party.  If you can just show up and have fun, you have conquered half of the battle.  Let people know you for what you stand for.  If you are true to yourself, then others will recognize that and find truth about you.  There is nothing worse than talking to someone drunk that has no idea who they are or what they are even talking about. Many students that binge drink don’t realize that it can be lethal to your...

How to Help Your Husband to Get Into an Alcohol Treatment Center

Getting your husband into an alcohol treatment center is no easy task. It takes time, effort and patience to get him to see that you are serious about getting sober. Wives across the United States are often asking themselves why their husbands drink booze. Are they doing something wrong to contribute to their alcoholism? You are scared that if he doesn’t change, he will die. Your situation is best understood by rehabs across the United States. Many admissions counselors get calls every day from housewives that have had enough. They can no longer deal with their husband’s alcoholism. They either want to get him sober or divorce. Men are often the hardest people to convince that they need help. Most men want to believe that they are indestructible and do not even have a problem with alcohol. Getting him to see that he has a problem often takes an intervention. Interventions are costly, but often get the result that you are looking for. The interventionist can help you to see that sending him to a treatment center is the only option. Let him/her explain to you how the intervention process works. You will eventually see that your husband gets the help that they need because of the love that you have shown. If you have a loving relationship with your spouse, they don’t want to see you hurt and in pain. Often, they are willing to listen if you give them consequences. Your consequences may be that if you don’t get help, I am going to divorce you. Alcoholics often respond best when they understand the consequences of what...

The Treatment Facility that I Want to Go to Only Accepts Private Insurance

If you have an alcohol or drug problem, you may already know that finding a treatment center that takes your insurance is not easy. Most people that call drug and alcohol treatment centers have no idea that their insurance will not pay for most of the treatment program that they want to attend. Treatment centers across the United States receive thousands of phone calls each day from people wanting to get treatment for a substance abuse problem. There is nothing worse than a client hearing that their insurance will not cover treatment for the facility that they have picked out. Most drug and alcohol treatment facilities accept private insurance plans and cash pay only. Unfortunately, many people today have Medicaid/Medicare and little funds to pay for treatment. What can you do if you in this kind of a situation. If you only have Medicaid/Medicare, the best thing that you can do is to search Google for Medicaid/Medicare approved facilities. This will help narrow your search to a treatment program in your area that accepts the kind of medical insurance that you have. Your other option is to go to your city hospital and tell them what your needs are and where you can get help for alcohol and drug addiction. There are some treatment centers in Florida that accept people with little or no insurance. One of these treatment centers is called Faith Farm Ministries. You can also go to SAMSHA.gov. Here you will find a lot of resources for you to get the help that you need with the type of insurance that you have.   The average...