Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Fort Lee New Jersey

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Fort Lee New Jersey

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Fort Lee, New Jersey is the home of 36,014 people.  In the midst of the population are people that struggle with drug and alcohol abuse on a daily basis.  For some men and women, fighting alcohol or drug addiction is a lifelong battle.  Waking up every day feeling like there is not hope is the reality of many addicts.  In order to find help, it is important to find a professional drug and alcohol abuse treatment center.

Many addicts often fear treatment because they know that getting sober takes commitment.  Time, obligation and wanting to start a new life is part of sobriety.  Choosing the right treatment center takes time, research and the help of a loved one.  Many addicts that have gone through a treatment program before may actually try to give up finding a new one.  This is mainly because many treatment facilities promise you something and then don’t deliver.

It is important to understand that staying sober takes a lot of hard work and effort.  It is all about understanding your addiction.  No matter if you live in Fort Lee, New Jersey or California, you must take living sober seriously.


New Jersey Rehabs

Many treatment centers say that attending a 30 day inpatient program is the best way to get help.  A lot of addicts that have been through 7 day programs say that once they get out of the program, they often turn back to drugs and alcohol.  This is mainly because it is not enough time to change a habit.  In an article published last year by the Huffington Post, a doctor by the name of Dr. Maltz said that he noticed that it takes 21 days for a person to change a habit.  He noticed that when he performed a nose job on someone, it took them around 21 days to accept their new face.  Accepting a new lifestyle for staying sober takes time.  It is important to think about a program that is at least 30 days long.  Sometimes, money and the lack of a good private insurance policy keeps someone from attending a good treatment program.  When it comes to getting help, money should not stand in the way.  Many people think that waiting is the best choice.  They often think that maybe they can conquer drug addiction on their own. However, the newspapers and magazines tell stories of people overdosing on a daily basis.  If you wait, it may be too late for you.  Drug and alcohol treatment often costs $30,000.00 per month for a 30 day stay.  If you have private insurance, the insurance company often pays for most of the expense of treatment.  If cash pay or private insurance is not an option for you, it is important that you get help from your family doctor. Each state has different programs for residents that need rehabilitation.  The best place to look for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Fort Lee, NJ is to contact your local hospital.  Tell them your situation and they can better assist you.  If private pay or insurance is available to you, contact a facility and explain the situation.  The sooner that you get help, the better.