Is Your ADD and ADHD Causing You to Take Illegal Drugs to Focus Better?

Is Your ADD and ADHD Causing You to Take Illegal Drugs to Focus Better?

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Many college students in the state of New Jersey are often turning to illegal drugs in order to focus better on their studies.  Every college student knows that getting A’s and B’s on your exams are a must if you want to graduate with at least a 3.0.  It is true that getting medication from your psychiatrist or family doctor is the only way to treat ADHD and ADD effectively.  If you try and take illegal drugs to help you to focus better, it can become a highly addictive habit. published an article talking about a college student by the name of Amanda.  The article stated that a woman by the name of Amanda decided to take Adderall in order to focus on her studies. She couldn’t focus on her own.  Even though she was not given a prescription, she was able to buy this drug on the street from a friend.  Within 15 minutes, the drug kicked into her system and her focus became increased.  She was able to relax and retain the information for a test.

There is no argument that these types of drugs help a person to focus better.  However, if taken without the care of a licensed physician, they can become highly addictive and problematic.  Study drugs are becoming more popular today because of students being able to buy them on the street.  One pill can cost you as much as $20.00.  However, a student that is struggling to pass a test may see this as being the only option if they do not have a prescription for the drug from a doctor.

Many registered dietitians such as Kelley Urban from the University of North Carolina say that a student should take time each day to relax themselves without any distractions such as: friends, the internet, television, cell phones and so forth.  She recommends to just relax.  Eating a healthy diet is also important.

A lot of college students that have ADD and ADHD tend to drink coffee and other caffeine drinks such as soda.  Caffeine causes a person to become jittery.  If you have too much caffeine in your system, you are most likely not going to be able to study. In fact, you will often feel like you cannot concentrate.

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The United States military believes that every person should exercise daily in order to improve focus and health.  Each morning, soldiers in all 5 branches of service get up to a morning of exercise and breakfast to start their day. It helps them to stay awake in class and to feel less stress and anxiety throughout the day.  This is not an all-out cure by any means. However, it does help someone to stay focused.

If you feel that you are addicted to a focus drug, it is best to get help from a drug and alcohol treatment center.  Getting off these types of drugs takes time. For many, their body has become addicted to the drug and getting off the drug must be handled by a medical professional.  Many treatment centers have 30 and 60 day programs that are inpatient.