What is the Purpose of Solqrn.com?

The purpose of our website is to educate people about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse.  We write articles about how alcohol and drugs poorly effects your health.

Do You Have Advertising Space Available?

We do offer advertising space.  Please contact us here for more information.

Can I Contribute an Article to Your Website?

Yes, we do allow our readers to contribute their own articles as long as you own the exclusive rights to the content and the article is 100% original.  Please submit it to us and we will gladly post it.  Please use the author name as you would like to have it appear on our website.

Do You Offer Advice on How to Overcome Addiction?

We do not offer any type of advice on our website.  Our content is strictly for entertainment purposes only. If you have a question about addiction, you should speak to your licensed medical doctor.  You can also try visiting a government website such as SAMSHA.gov.

Why Did You Start Solqrn.com?

This website was started because of the need for people to get educated on the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Thousands of people lose their life every year from their addiction.  It is our hope to have a sober world.

Do You Have a Link Exchange Program?

Yes, we will exchange links with websites that have similar content as ours.  Your site must be 100% original.  We will go through your website with a “fine tooth comb” before we exchange links.  Please send us your link information on our contact us page.