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Losing a Partner Can Cause Someone to Turn into an Alcoholic

If you have ever lost a loved one before, you may feel a sense of loss, anger and not wanting to go on.  Death is something that is hard to handle for most people.  You wake up with your loved one every day and now they are gone.  It was a sudden loss.  Your loved one may had died in a car accident, an illness or a heart attack.  The list of ailments could go on.

As each day passes, you are trying to find meaning in your life again.  What do you have to live for if you have lost the person that you spend your entire life with?  When this happens, you need to look inward and ask yourself why you are put on earth to begin with.  Understanding your own life purpose will give you a purpose to go on.  Do you have children that need you?  Do you have a job that is meaningful to you?  Can you go back to school and work on a college degree?  What is it that you need to do in order to make your loved one proud of you that passed away?

Unfortunately, many people decide to turn to alcohol in order to deal with their sorrow.  Many people spend years wondering why the person that they love is dead. They often feel like the person has left them without even saying goodbye. It is a heartbreaking situation for most people.

Grocery and liquor stores make it easy for someone to get a bottle of liquor, wine or beer. All you have to do is go into the store and buy it.  However, this is not the salutation for you.  In order to overcome the pain of losing someone, you have to talk about your feelings.  Sometimes a professional counselor that deals with grief is the best way.

Your first step is to understand that you cannot handle your grief on your own.  Alcoholism will only destroy your body and make you feel worse. It will not solve your grief. It will only cause you to feel more hopeless.

When you talk to someone about how you feel, you will get human compassion.  People lose people every single year. It is hurtful, heartbreaking and not what you or anyone else expected. Your loss is unique because it has affected you personally.  Nobody else can understand exactly how you feel, but they can come close because they have experienced this kind of situation in their own lives.

Over time, you will come to terms with your loss.  It often takes people years to come to an acceptance of a loved one’s death.  However, as each day passes, you will come to see that your grief becomes less and easier to cope with.  It is true that “time heals all wounds”.   It really does once you go through the experience of loss.



Getting Sober Takes Effort

Nobody Gets Sober Alone.  It Takes the Help of Loved Ones to Support You.


Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

“Only You Can Take the First Step to Sobriety”

Take One Step at a Time

Nobody Gets Sober Overnight.

My Child Died of a Drug Overdose and I Feel Guilty

A parent’s worst nightmare is to find their son or daughter lying in bed from a drug overdose.  Many parents begin to blame themselves for not doing enough to help their child to beat their drug addiction. Sometimes a parent can be the best role model for their child and their son or daughter will still turn to drugs.  The main thing to keep in mind is that it is not your fault? You cannot blame yourself for someone’s life decisions no matter if they are your family member or not.  Death is unexpected and nobody truly knows when or why we will die. You raise your child with love, care and the best that you can.  You messed up like everyone does in life.  However, you cannot blame yourself for someone else choosing to take drugs or drink alcohol. If it brings any comfort to you, many parents that do send their children to a treatment center experience loss as well.  Whether your send your child to a treatment center or not does not guarantee that they will spend a lifetime sober.  Most people that go into a drug and alcohol treatment program end up going back again.  Unfortunately, drug and alcohol treatments have not come up with a 100% sound proof system that works for everyone. Many testimonies are out there from people that did stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol for life. However, these stories are not all that common. It is more common to hear about people continuing in their addiction for a lifetime.  Beating alcohol and drug addiction has a lot of factors to...

What Should You Take with You When You Leave for Rehab

You decided that rehab is a good place for you to start your life over again.  Good decision on your part!  However, you may be asking yourself what you should take and not take with you.  Here are a few things that you should do before going to rehab. First, call the treatment center that you will be going to.  Ask them for a list of things that you can and cannot take with you.  If you cannot get a hold of anyone and your plane is set to leave in a few hours, here are a few tips on what to take and not take with you. No cell phones. Most treatment centers do not allow you to have cell phones because you cannot make personal calls while you are in treatment. Most rehabs have it set so that you can call home with a person assisting you.  This may be a counselor that is assigned to work with you.  If you don’t think that you should have it, the best thing to do is to leave it at home. Illegal Substances should not be taken with you. This may seem a bit obvious, but many people forget to empty their pockets before boarding a plane.  If you have cocaine or heroin in your pocket, you will get stopped at the airport and may even be arrested for having illegal contraband. Guns, Knives, protection devices should be left at home. Many states allow people to carry these types of weapons on them. However, they don’t belong in a rehab.  You don’t want to put anyone in danger at...

How to Help Your Child with Drug Addiction if You Cannot Afford an Intervention

Here are a few steps that you can take in order to help your child to see and understand that they need drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Often, young adults want to believe that they do not have a problem with drug addiction.  When you are young, you often believe that you are going to live forever.  Many young adults think that they can handle a cocktail of drugs and wake up the next day without any problems.  However, this is not always the case. The first step that a parent should take in order to get their child to see that they have a problem is to directly call a drug and alcohol treatment facility.  If you do this, you will find a helpful admissions counselor on the end of the phone.  The admissions counselor is a friendly voice that wants to help you and your loved one.  Even though a lot of admissions counselors are not trained interventionists, they have a background in alcohol and drug addiction.  Most phone admissions counselors are open to speaking with your son or daughter on the telephone.  The beauty of this is that it is free.  Most treatment centers have 24 hour hotlines set up in order to speak with families that have a loved one that needs to go into treatment.  It can seem like an endless and painful situation sometimes. Many admissions counselors have previous lifestyles that once held them captive to drug and alcohol abuse.  A lot of counselors on the phone will tell you that they were once addicted to drugs and alcohol themselves.  You will usually find...

Heroin is Becoming More Popular Again in New York City

Just when you think that Heroin was something out of the 80’s in NYC, it is back again.  According to the Daily News, police seized more than $300,000,000 worth of heroin in 2014!  That is right, 300 million dollars.  That is lot of heroin. In 2013, 420 people died of a heroin overdose.  This drug is cheap and easy to buy on the streets. However, it is highly addictive and often destroys a person’s life.  When someone begins to get hooked on heroin, they begin to feel like their life is out of control.  A special agent by the name of James Hunt said that we have never seen heroin in these high numbers even 30 to 40 years ago. We must look at the social times that we are living in today.  Crime is at an all- time high and people are looking for quick, instant relief from depression, anger, boredom, anxiety and the list goes on.  Heroin seems to be a drug that a lot of people in New York City are turning to for various reasons.  The cost is roughly between $10.00 and $25.00 a hit.  The price depends on its purity.  If you bought heroin 30 or 40 years ago, it was about 10% pure. In today’s 21st century world, it is often 70% pure. If a person is highly addicted to heroin, they can often spend around $150.00 to $250.00 per day.  Even though it is cheap to buy, a few purchases a day will drain a person’s wallet. Each time that an addict gets a hit of heroin, they constantly need more. Their...

How to Give Your Loved One an Alcohol and Drug Intervention

Every family’s nightmare is to have one of their loved ones addicted to drugs and alcohol.  If your family member is suffering from a drug addiction, you have probably reached rock bottom.  It is not easy to watch them throwing their life away.  The pain of watching your loved one acting out of the ordinary is hard to watch.  Families often turn to a drug and alcohol addiction intervention specialists for several different reasons.  For starters, your family member may not be listening to you.  When their face has turned cold to your words, it is time to ask a professional for help.  However, where do you turn?  This article will explain the steps that are involved in getting a professional interventionist. Intervention services often cost between $3,500 and $10,000.  They are often given by drug and alcohol treatment centers across the United States.  Interventions take time and careful planning.  Step 1 is to find out when a bed is available for your loved one.  Calling a place like Harp Treatment Center is your first step. Before the intervention takes place, the people involved will be sent materials to ensure that everyone will be on the same page of what is going to happen at the intervention.  Everyone must have a clear view of what the intervention will be about and why it must take place this way.  Addicts tend to talk to family members, friends and others that will enable their habit. These are people that the addict knows feels sorry for them. They may say something like, “I need food and need $20.00?” The pre-planning meeting will...

Chris Farley: Remembering the Comedian that Died of a Drug Overdose 18 Years Ago

If you ever wanted to have a good laugh, you could always turn to comedy.  In the 1990’s a famous comedian and actor by the name of Chris Farley made us all laugh.  He starred in movies such as: Tommy Boy, Almost Heroes, Beverly Hills Ninja, Black Sheep, Airheads, Wayne’s World and Coneheads.  The actor was also known for his weekly appearances on Saturday Night Live. Sadly, on December 18, 1997, Chris Farley died of a drug overdose at the young age of 33.  His friends knew him to be sensitive, funny and a pleasure to be around.  On January 3, 1998, The New York Times reported that Chris Farley died of a drug overdose of cocaine and morphine.  His body was found on the floor of his apartment.  The police did not find any foul play in the finding of his body.  Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that effects over 50 million American’s every single year.  Millions of people don’t know how to control their intake of drugs and often the problem spins out of control. We must ask ourselves what pain Chris Farley had in his life that could have caused him to turn to drugs.  Why did he feel the need to take drugs in order to find his happiness?  Could his death have been prevented if he found a good treatment program that could have worked for him?  This is a question that thousands of parents are asking themselves today? Could I have helped my son or daughter more than what I did? Families across America today are trying to find answers.  Many...

Is Your ADD and ADHD Causing You to Take Illegal Drugs to Focus Better?

Many college students in the state of New Jersey are often turning to illegal drugs in order to focus better on their studies.  Every college student knows that getting A’s and B’s on your exams are a must if you want to graduate with at least a 3.0.  It is true that getting medication from your psychiatrist or family doctor is the only way to treat ADHD and ADD effectively.  If you try and take illegal drugs to help you to focus better, it can become a highly addictive habit. Hercampus.com published an article talking about a college student by the name of Amanda.  The article stated that a woman by the name of Amanda decided to take Adderall in order to focus on her studies. She couldn’t focus on her own.  Even though she was not given a prescription, she was able to buy this drug on the street from a friend.  Within 15 minutes, the drug kicked into her system and her focus became increased.  She was able to relax and retain the information for a test. There is no argument that these types of drugs help a person to focus better.  However, if taken without the care of a licensed physician, they can become highly addictive and problematic.  Study drugs are becoming more popular today because of students being able to buy them on the street.  One pill can cost you as much as $20.00.  However, a student that is struggling to pass a test may see this as being the only option if they do not have a prescription for the drug from a doctor....

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Fort Lee New Jersey

Fort Lee, New Jersey is the home of 36,014 people.  In the midst of the population are people that struggle with drug and alcohol abuse on a daily basis.  For some men and women, fighting alcohol or drug addiction is a lifelong battle.  Waking up every day feeling like there is not hope is the reality of many addicts.  In order to find help, it is important to find a professional drug and alcohol abuse treatment center. Many addicts often fear treatment because they know that getting sober takes commitment.  Time, obligation and wanting to start a new life is part of sobriety.  Choosing the right treatment center takes time, research and the help of a loved one.  Many addicts that have gone through a treatment program before may actually try to give up finding a new one.  This is mainly because many treatment facilities promise you something and then don’t deliver. It is important to understand that staying sober takes a lot of hard work and effort.  It is all about understanding your addiction.  No matter if you live in Fort Lee, New Jersey or California, you must take living sober seriously. Many treatment centers say that attending a 30 day inpatient program is the best way to get help.  A lot of addicts that have been through 7 day programs say that once they get out of the program, they often turn back to drugs and alcohol.  This is mainly because it is not enough time to change a habit.  In an article published last year by the Huffington Post, a doctor by the name of Dr....

Is Smoking Marijuana Really an Innocent Drug that is Being Legalized in Some States?

If you happen to live in Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska, you are probably aware that marijuana has been legalized for both recreational and medical use.  Many parents are having to ask themselves the hard question of, “Should I let my child smoke pot?”   Many celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen admit to smoking pot regularly.  Smoking pot is “fun and games” for a lot of people that use it recreationally. Marijuana is said to give you a high that is calm and soothing.  Many people that smoke it say that there is no harm in getting high on pot.  Others that use it for medical use say that it relieves pain.  If pot is so good for many people, why are the other states against legalizing marijuana usage? Many young adults choose to smoke pot because their friends are smoking it already.  It is often mixed with alcohol, friendly conversations amongst friends and family members.  Many people that smoke pot will only use this drug.  It is often a lot like smoking cigarettes.  However, there is a certain percentage of people that will smoke part and then start taking a harder drug such as cocaine or heroin.  Many young adults feel that they can handle marijuana, so why not try cocaine, heroin or flakka.  When a person first tries one of these harder drugs, it feels great.  The drug helps them to forget about their present day world and takes them somewhere beyond their own reality.  Over time, these drugs cause a person to get addicted.  Once a person is addicted to a hard drug such...

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Bergen County New Jersey

You may have fine memories of Bergen County being your home of childhood recollections.  It is also the home of thousands of people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Every year, Bergen County New Jersey has thousands of people seeking help for their addiction.  Treatment centers across New Jersey receive phone calls from parents looking to get their child into a treatment program.  Treatment programs often are 7, 30 and 90 days programs.  If you have a child or a loved one that needs help, it is hard to find sometimes. If you live in Bergen County, you may find that a treatment center is not the same for every person.  Your child or loved one may be struggling with a combination of alcoholism, prescription drugs, cocaine and heroin.  You will need to find an addiction treatment center that deals with dual diagnosis.  If you have never been to treatment or know someone that has, you probably have a question about how it all works. After speaking with the admissions team, your loved one will first go through detox.  Detox usually lasts for around 7 days.  After this, they will attend an inpatient program that lasts anywhere from 30, 60 or 90 days.  You will be able to see your loved one transition from someone addicted to a substance to someone that is clean and refreshed.  A treatment program gives your loved one a transition.  You will find that treatment programs are available all over Bergen County to include: Dumont, Englewood, Hackensack, Paramus, and Midland Park, Closter, Glen Rock, Fairlawn and many others. Some of the drugs that are being...